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Bond Corp’s product superiority is a direct result of the combination of high quality materials, application-specific formulas and our manufacturing process.

Our exclusive ‘thermoset’ process sets a quality standard only Bond tack cloth is manufactured under and adheres to. Using a high temperature and pressure tack ‘thermoset’ impregnation process, guarantees a shelf and working life that other brands simply can’t match.

Thermosetting also significantly reduces invisible residue buildup that may react with other finishing materials to cause coating defects such as marring and streaking.

The Crystal® brand has a reputation for product reliability that is unsurpassed and sure to please your most demanding customers.

Materials are available to suit every need. We only use the highest grades of woven cotton and knit polyester. This ensures that each piece of Bond Tack Cloth will resist fraying, drying, hardening, snagging and linting longer than any other brand.

A full range of cotton meshes (threads per square inch) are available including 28/24, 24/20, 20/16 and 20/12 to best suit your specific application. In addition, several PolyKnit materials are also available. This synthetic, polyester based fabric – which is heat cut to eliminate contamination from loose or frayed cotton ends – is quickly becoming the new standard in the automotive industry.

Choosing the correct and right amount of ‘tack’ for your specific application is an important quality consideration. Our wide variety of unique, application-specific formulas are all designed and manufactured in our factory by highly skilled technicians who appreciate the special finishing challenges you may face.

Too much “tack” can cause invisible residue buildup which can react with paints and varnishes. Too little and your finish will be contaminated with unwanted particulates. Getting it just right is why Bond technicians have developed a full range of cloth treatment weights. From Lite & Dry to Extra Tacky, we have the right treatment and formula for the most demanding applications.

Bond Corp packages its tack cloth in three different forms... Rolls, Cut Bulk and Individually Packaged. We also offer private label packaging. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

Tack formulas are available in the following cloth styles...




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