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Gold Formula
Unlike other brands that appear similar, Bond GOLD is a proprietary formula that is made with natural colored resins that produce a unique quality of ‘tack’ specifically designed for the automotive and wood finishing professional. Or choose our Bond WHITE formula if you prefer.

Lite & Dry Formula
Originally developed for use in the manufacture of copper clad laminates (CCLs) in multi-layer electronics, Bond Lite & Dry offers a unique combination of dirt pick-up, transfer resistance, and heat stability. This makes Lite & Dry the brand of choice for all warm surface applications such as pressed laminates, molded thermo-plastic parts and oven cured coatings.

Base Coat-Clear Coat Formulas
Specifically developed for base coat-clear coat paint preparation, Bond BWS and BWT formulas offer a compromise between the ‘wetter’ tack of Gold and the ‘dry-tack’ of Lite & Dry for a perfect finish every time.

Custom Formulas
Special needs and applications may call for custom solutions. Bond formulas can be custom blended for optimal adhesive texture and transfer resistance performance.

Tack Formulas
Tack formulas are available in the following cloth styles...

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